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Strategic Partners
World Journal, L.A United States
World Daily, Toronto Canada
Philippines Daily
Taiwan Asia Life
American Business international Group
Star Life Weekly, Canada
Global and Mails, Canada
Canada China Business Council
International Biological Chinese herbal Medicine Research Institute, Japan
Atlantic Business Association, Canada
Israel Shirat Enterprises Ltd.
Chinese American Post, United States
Mercury News, United States
Talouselama, Finland
MeNaiset, Finland
Finland Industrial United Association
Sweden Daily
Sinchew Daily,Malaysia
North-North Network associated with United Nations
China Russia Friendship High-Tech Park
Austria Innsbruck Olympics Valley
Uganda Guangzhou Consulate
Taiwan China Peace Alliance reunification
Taiwan Chinese Culture Exchange Association
Philippines Subic Bay Diamond entertainment Co.
Spain Chinese United Association
Taiwan China Business Development Association
France Guangzhou Association
Investment Division of France Montpellier Government
UK Manchester Ministry of Investment and Development
Singapore ATS Computer Centre
Singapore New China Arts Gallery
Russia “Wan” Enterprise Group
Japan International Affairs Development Centre
Finland Citigate Co.
Italy Europe Chinese News Press
Municipal Government of St. Jones, Canada
Municipal Government of Richmond, Canada
Education Ministry of Richmond City, Canada
Australia Prime Land Group Co.
Cambodia Royal Charity Foundation
Mozambique National Olympic Committee
June 2006, North-North Network Associated with United Nations signed a strategy partnership agreement with the Home and Abroad News Press

November 2002, Home and Abroad News Press signed “Friendship Media Companies Agreement” with Canada’s Star Life Weekly in Toronto, Canada. The goal is to mutually promote the development of media internationalization in today's world

November 2005, Home and Abroad News Press signed “Strategic Partnership Agreement” with RMC- Citigate Helsinki Ltd. Oy. The goal is to reciprocally share and explore Chinese and Finnish markets and sources






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