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Foreign officials
Finland Primer Minister, Mr. Matti Vanhanen
Ex-president of Philippines, Mr. Fidel V. Ramos
Chief Scientist at National Industry and Commerce Department of Israel, Mr. Azriel Hemar
Minister of Science and Technology Department of Israel, Mr.Eliezer Sandberg
Minister of National Environmental Department of Canada, Mr.David Anderson
Ambassador of Romanian Embassy in China, Mr.VIOREL ISTICIOAIA-BVDVRA
Consul General of Republic of France Consulate in Guangzhou, Mr.Daniel BLAIZE
CEO of U.S. Silicon Valley's, Mr. Scott Sandell
Official of Government and International Affair Committee of Canada, Mr.David Fraser
Consul General of Canadian Consulate in Guangzhou, Mr. Tim Coughlin
Commerce Consul of Polish Consulate in Hong Kong, Mr. Andrhej Piechonka
Counselor of Palestinian Embassy in China, Mr. Jacliya
Commerce Consul of Iranian Consulate in Hong Kong, Mr. Aref Abbais
Consul General of England Consulate in Guangzhou, Mr.Chris Wood
Secretary General of Republic of Czech Embassy in China, Mr.Ales Uchytil
Ex-Secretary General of World Trade Organization (WTO), Mr. Moore
Consul General of U.S.A Consulate in Guangzhou, Mr.Johnj.Norris.Jr
Consul General of Austrian Consulate in Hong Kong, Mr.Martin Glatz
Vice-President of Uganda, Mr.Gilbet Bukenya
Editor-in-Chief Yan Wei with the chairman of
November 4rd 2008, UN Vice-Secretary-General met our Chief Editor in Vancouver, Canada.
Estonian Prime Minister Ansip met Editor General, Mrs. Yan Wei, at the 7th Asia - Europe Meeting in Beijing
Finland Primer Minister, Mr. Matti Vanhanen


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